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Your Glendale Heights Dentist provides one visit root canal treatment.





If you need a Root Canal , we are here for you.

At Lotus dental Care in Glendale Heights, we do most basic root canals in the office in 1 or 2 simple visits depending on the condition of your tooth and your personal circumstances.

 Do you have any of the following?

1- A big hole or a cavity in your tooth .

2- Pain in a tooth that appears normal.

3- A brown or a darker tooth.

4 - A chipped tooth.

5- A faulty cap ( crown).

6- Repeated dental procedures done on a tooth.

If yes, then you probably need a consultation to determine if you need Root Canal Treatment.

Root Canal Treatment Video -




 With recent advances in technology, Root Canal Treatment is no longer painful as most people think and can be completed very smoothly , so that your tooth can be restored to near normal function and appearance  for a very long time.

A root canal treatment should be followed up by placing  permanent filling and a cap ( crown ) to prevent the treated tooth from fracture .




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