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Call us today at 630-793-9480 to schedule your free consultation for Invisalign. Offer ends April 30th 2016.

1- Invisalign is fully or partly covered by most traditional  PPO dental insurance plans for teens and adults.
2- We offer interest free financing  monthly payments as low as $ 99 for upto 24 months . Call us to apply and get a decision in as soon as a few minutes .
3- Invisalign is an excellent choice for adults and teens alike.
4-  Treatment can last from 6 months upto 20 months.
5-The fees for Invisalign ranges from $ 3999 upwards.

    Do you want straight teeth but dislike metal braces showing through your smile?  Or does your current  situation prevent you from getting traditional braces ?  If yes, then Invisalign is the solution for you.

     What is Invisalign?

      Simply put it is Invisible braces or clear braces.

   How does it work?

It takes a modern approach to straightening teeth by using a series of clear, virtually invisible aligners custom-made for you. Wearing these aligners will gradually move your teeth into place based on the exact movements that your dentist has decided for you.

The aligners are made with the help of Dr Thakkar,s expertise and 3-D imaging technology.

Who is a candidate of Invisalign?

Come to our office and take a complimentary smile assessment and we can determine if Invisalign is the right choice for you. Many of our patients range from teenagers to adults of all ages who have good periodontal health.

How long is the treatment?

Dr Thakkar will first evaluate your case and determine how much movement of teeth is needed. Generally, the total number of aligners can vary from 20-30 per patient, and the duration of treatment is close to 12-26 months. We will see you every few weeks in order to assess the progress of the treatment.

For clear braces/Invisalign in Glendale Heights area, visit our dental office in glendale heights Il 60139 for a complimentary smile assessment.


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