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Dentist In Glendale Heights & Glen Ellyn area provides affordable Full Dentures & Partial Dentures.





 Full dentures and Partial Dentures-



At Lotus dental Care, we offer many options to replace your mising teeth with dentures.

We also offer immediate full and partial dentures , yes that's right - It means that you walk out with dentures right after you have your teeth extracted. We will have your dentures ready by the laboratory prior to removing your teeth, so you do not have to wait or skip work until your dentures are ready.

Partial dentures to replace some missing teeth can be made either of metal or flexible plastic material that is very esthetic and fit snugly in your mouth.


All our dentures are made of a very durable and long lasting acrylic with esthetic and natural appearing high strength teeth.

If you want to know more about which is the right type of denture for you, simply come in for a free consultation!






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